Why rent from Coastal Safari?

Why is renting a camping trailer, caravan or equipment from Coastal Safari a better option than buying? This is a question we get asked a lot of times and here are a few answers to this question.
We do all the work in getting the camping units ready for your trip.
Why buy and store a camping unit if you only use it three times a year when it is much cheaper and easier to rather rent when you need it.
Our camping units are well equipped with almost everything you might need. You just have to bring your own bedding, clothes, food and braai equipment and you’re ready to go and explore.
Our camping units are inspected and cleaned inside and out after and before each trip. All equipment is thoroughly washed.
There is no need for you to take out additional insurance cover on the camping unit or equipment. We take all the risk.
Going across the border? No problem! We supply cross border documentation at no extra cost and our insurance also covers visits to all neighbouring countries.
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