Quick Pitch is a well known name in the overland vehicle transformation market. They manufacture easy-to-deploy camping and off-road products.

quick pitch products

5L Gas Water Heater
R 2970.45
Quick-en-suite Box
R 5552.20
Quick-en-suite Bag
R 4429.80
Quick Pitch Cargo Box
R 9608.25
R 4996.75
R 3797.30
Wheel Cargo Mount
R 2895.70
Quick Pitch Roof Top Tent
R 33626.00
Quick Pitch Weathershade 20 Second Awning
R 13912.70
Quick Pitch Weathershade 20 Second Awning RHS
R 13912.70
270 Weathershade side wall kit (L)
R 9959.00
270 Weathershade side wall kit (R)
R 9959.00
Weathershade add a room
R 11747.25
Quick Pitch Mini Kitchen 50L
R 20585.00
Quick Pitch Mini Kitchen 60L
R 20585.00
1450mm Load Bar Black with end caps and SS Brackets
R 1523.75
Universal Roof Rail
R 1607.70
6M Load bar Bare
R 3731.75
Telescopic pole for awning (each)
R 281.75
Anderson Plug
R 85.10
5M Electrical wire extension for RTT
R 488.75
Quick Barbe 600mm
R 3553.50
Quick Barbe 600mm Ammobox
R 2806.00

quick pitch related brackets

Gutter mount Low (Pair)
R 736.00
Gutter mount High (Pair)
R 736.00
Quick Pitch Tent Mount Bracket (Set of 4)
R 713.00
Quick Pitch Awning to tent Bracket
R 713.00
Quick Pitch QeS to Tent Bracket (Pair)
R 201.25
Quick Pitch Load Bar Mount Bracket
R 195.50
Awning to load Bar brackets (Pair)
R 713.00
RTT Lader Brackets
R 448.50
Quick pitch awning to front runner
R 713.00

Quick - Peace Products

Quick Peace Kit - Includes: (Body Sponge / Soap Bar /
Shower Gel / Sunblock and Shower Bag)
R 339.25
Quick Peace Soap Bar
R 54.05
Quick Peace Shower Gel
R 109.25
Quick Peace Sunblock
R 79.35
Quick Peace Body Sponge
R 51.75
* Prices INCL. VAT and exclude courier/delivery.
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