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Why is the rental rate per day and not per night?

We charge per day due to the fact that we do not have fixed collect or return times. Unlike a Hotel that asks you to leave at 10h00 so that they can send in a cleaning team to get it ready for the next customer at 15h00, we unfortunately can’t do that because our hotel room is on wheels and hundreds of kilometers away. Because almost all our customers travel long distances to their favorite camp sites and even to neighboring countries, we cannot expect them to pack up very early in the morning and then drive many hours back to return the unit at a specific time. This is not acceptable to us.

When does Coastal Safari deliver & collect?

If we are collecting from you at the camp site, it will be on the last day of your rental period and at a time most convenient. This collection time must be agreed upon in advance so that we can make our necessary logistical arrangements. It remains the responsibility of the customer to inform the camp site management of our arrival dates and times for both delivery and collection. If the collection is from your home, it will most likely be the next morning after your final rental day.

To what locations does Coastal Safari deliver, setup and collect from?

We can deliver, setup and collect almost anywhere within the Western Cape. The rental period and distance determines the cost of the delivery and collection. The setup and pack up of the camping unit we do for FREE. The cost per kilometer starts at R4/km, but will decrease as the rental period increases. You only pay for the distance that we need to travel from our location to your camp site or home, and not for our return trip.

Which areas get FREE delivery, setup and collection?

The following areas in the Cape West Coast we deliver, setup, collect, pack up and supply fire wood for FREE: Langebaan; Tietiesbaai; Velddrif; Dwarskersbos; Trekoskraal

What if I need something extra that is not on the Inventory list?

All our camping units are pretty well kitted with all the basic camping necessities. Should you require something extra like a shower or additional fridge or wind nets, we have a long list of extra equipment available to choose from. The prices on this list are the individual equipment rental price for each item. Customers receive a 50% discount on any item on this list when it is rented as an extra with a camping unit.

What do I need to pack from home?

There are no glass or ceramic items in the camping units as they will not last the trip. All the equipment is stainless steel, melamine, aluminium and plastic. Nothing fancy. We do not do Glamping. View the Inventory list and decide what you might need on your camping trip.

How does the refundable security deposit work?

Coastal Safari has two security deposits for its camping units, and various security deposits for its equipment. The two camping unit deposits are either R3000 or R1500. The R3000 deposit is for when the customer does all the towing and setting up, being a higher risk. The R1500 is for when we do the delivery, setup and collection, being a much lower risk. The security deposits for equipment vary from R500 – R3000, depending on the amount and value of the equipment being rented. Security deposits take max 7 working days to refund, but mostly much sooner.

What other services does Coastal Safari offer?

We offer maintenance, repairs, upgrades and cleaning services to almost all types of caravans, camping trailers and touring camper vehicles.
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