Mushroom with Chillies, Cream Cheese & Cheddar

This recipe is really easy and perfect for a snack, starter or a main meal when on holiday in the bush or at the coast.(serves 4 - 6)

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Large brown mushrooms
Coarse sea salt
Mixed peppercorns – grinded
Cream cheese – Spring onions and chives
Cheddar Cheese grated
Fresh chillies – green and red

If you are going to prepare it on a fire then you will need tinfoil to wrap it in


Wash the mushrooms in cold water with salt and then let it stand for about two minutes on sieve to let all the water drip out
Grated cheddar cheese
Cut chillies open lengthways and remove all seeds – then wash carefully – the removal of the seeds will take most of the burn out of the chillies
Now cut the chillies into small pieces
Spread some cream cheese onto the mushrooms
Place the cut chillies on top of the cheese – only about 3 to 4 pieces on every mushroom evenly spread

Place some grated cheddar cheese on top – cover the chilllies completely

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